Working with CanvasFBMLMasterPage Master Pages

Jan 23, 2009 at 8:52 PM
Hello developers

I'm new to Facebook applications and the Facebook Developer toolkit. So far I think its not easy to develop applications in Facebook.

So far I got an a simple application up and running just by following the users guide for the toolkit, section 5.4 about FBML Canvas development.

Things started to go wrong when I wanted to use Master Pages. The users guide is not so detailed on this section and I feel they left out a few things which are necessary.

Ofcourse I want to set up a Master Page that derives from facebook.web.CanvasFBMLMasterPage and in there I define the structure for my pages and put some ContentPlaceHolders and link to my stylesheets.

So my question is can someone provide a fully detailed tutorial on how to do that and how to link the aspx pages to work with the Master Page?

Thanks in advance.s