Event picture - dead end ??

Nov 5, 2009 at 9:38 PM

Using events.create, I have attempted to create an event, using a facebookevent object to which I assigned a photo, among other things.

After playing with it for a while and trying all sorts of things which did not make the photo appear as part of the event, I finally downloaded the source code and traced event creation to see how it handles the photo upload. I didn't dig too deep, but from what I can see the picture, pic_big, and all other photo properties are simply ignored in the event creation process, which kind of explains why no matter what I do, the image won't show up as part of the event.


Two questions:

1) Did I miss anything, or are my findings correct?

2) Any particular reason why an image wouldn't be uploaded as part of the call to the event creation API on facebook? (thinking that I may do it myself, unless someone says it is not possible for whatever reason)