Facebook.schema.user.profile_url not working?

Dec 9, 2009 at 7:35 PM

Hi.  I've been using the FDT 3.0 successfully for several weeks now.  Suddenly, I'm getting some strange behavior.  I was previously able to interrogate the profile_url property to return a link to a user's FB profile.  My code hasn't changed, but now that property returns null.  All other profile properties are populated correctly as they were before.  Here's my code:

IList<user> friends = null;
connectSession = new ConnectSession([APIKey], [secretKey]);
API = new Facebook.Rest.Api(connectSession);
API.Session.SessionKey = session_key;

long llUser = API.Users.GetLoggedInUser();
user loggedInUser = API.Users.GetInfo(API.Users.GetLoggedInUser());
friends = API.Friends.GetUserObjects();

foreach (user friend in friends)
    sb.Append("<a href=\"" + friend.profile_url + "\" target=\"_profile\">");
    sb.Append("<img src=\"" + friend.pic_square + "\" width=\"50\" height=\"50\" alt=\"" + friend.name + "\" />");
    sb.Append("<br />");
    sb.Append("<br />");

The pic_square and friend.name properties work fine, as do all other properties on the object.  Only the proflile_url property returns null, and it does so for every single user.

Is anyone else encountering this?  Any ideas?